Dumpy & Bumpy

A Danger-Dodging & Brain-Busting Adventure!

Release Date

May 27, 2021





  • Developer
  • Programancer
  • Publisher
  • Retroware




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Dumpy & Bumpy is a retro-style puzzle adventure, complete with 80 charming but challenging levels to bite, blow up, and break your way through. Play solo as Dumpy, or have a friend join you as Bumpy to crack each level’s code and crush the evil Ghostlord! But don’t take too long, or the Ghosts will take you!

Dumpy & Bumpy


  • Venture across 8 colorful worlds, each with 10 puzzling levels for you to solve
  • Experience a clever take on Japanese retro-classic puzzle games. Throw and bite blocks, dodge past danger, blow up bombs, breathe fire, teleport, or even golf
  • Work as a team in 2P mode, or mess with each other, to master gimmicks and clear stages...
  • ...Or duke it out in a separate VS battle mode!
  • Replay levels to improve your high score or beat the Pro time!
  • 12 Achievements to Unlock


From Programancer, the developer:

Dumpy & Bumpy was also born from COVID frustrations, however, it was more from me missing playing co-op games with my brother growing up, as well as wanting to challenge myself to make a game outside of my comfort zone. Dumpy & Bumpy represents a lot of firsts for me. I wanted to make a game with a much brighter palette and cute visuals than I'm used to, drawing inspiration from games like Mr. Driller and Bubble Bobble. I've also never been great at playing puzzle games, so I wanted to challenge myself to make one just to see if I could. Music started as NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) tracks, however, in the updated release, I used sequencers to compose new music. I was happy with the original bundle release, with only 50 levels and 3 audio tracks, but I wanted more for it. On March 25th, 2021, I decided to start a massive overhaul for a much wider Steam release- adding 30 levels, a world-based level hub, new music, more mechanics, and more battle mode levels. On May 27, 2021, this version of the game was finished and released. My hope is that people can have a fun retro co-op/vs experience with their siblings, significant others, family, friends, and anyone else they hope to spend time and bond with. With the Steam Release, remote co-op play is a possibility, bringing the experience to people who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and allowing them to share the experience with loved ones across a distance.

Dumpy & Bumpy


Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy




Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy Dumpy & Bumpy